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Common Neck Injuries / Neck Pain

San diego neck pain Your neck is a very sensitive area that can be injured in many different ways. These injuries can result in pain in the neck, shoulders, and back.

The cervical spine, neck area of the spine, has the largest range of motion of any spinal area. This ensures that the head is highly mobile in order to allow complete movement and full sensory experience. We are quite sensitive to even the most moderate feeling of restriction of our range of motion and any limitation of range is usually associated with the warning signal of pain.

However, neck pain when consistent and ignored, can cause chronic tension in the neck muscles. This tightness and tension can build up and result in muscle tightness, which in turn can cause shortening of muscles and ultimately the formation of fibrotic scar tissue (even without trauma).

Long-term progression of the pain-tension-scarring condition can eventually lead to intervertebral disc problems or arthritis in the neck. A limited range of motion of the neck over time, whether due to poor posture, pain avoidance, or stress induced shallow breathing patterns, can result in chronic neck tension in the neck and the scarring, disc or arthritic problems.

Whiplash most commonly results from car accidents, but there are many other ways hurt your neck and even more types of neck injuries. When you have injured your neck you could actually have several injuries at one time.


The term whiplash can mean more than one type of neck injury or pain. Whiplash can cause a neck muscle strain, ligament sprain, and even a disc injury. A sudden and traumatic jerking of your head and neck causes whiplash. This type of neck injury is most often caused by a car accident. These injuries can be very serious because your neck is a complicated part of the human body. The human neck is made out of bones, joints, soft tissues, and nerves. All of these parts are vital to your neck and the way that you hold and move your neck.

The Old Crick in the Neck

"Crick in the Neck" is a term usually used by people who suffer from neck pain upon awakening in the morning. Many blame it on the fact that they just slept wrong or in an awkward position, but this type of neck pain can also be caused by sitting at the computer to long or moving your neck too quickly.

The term "crick in the neck" is not actually a neck injury, yet it is a common phrase used by many. The reality is if you suffer from this neck pain you may have a neck muscle spasm, trigger point(s), arthritis, or even disc problems.

If you are experiencing consistent neck pain, you should pay your doctor a visit. If you are in Southern California, you may visit The Jeffers Chiropractic for Whiplash San Diego treatment.

A Muscle Strain

When someone suffers from a muscle strain this means they have strained the neck muscles that move the spine.

Often these apparent neck injuries are actually referred pain from a lower back injury. What normally happens is someone tries to lift too heavy of an object the wrong way and injures all of the muscles in their back, which can cause pain all the way in your neck.

The symptoms of muscle strains are:
  • muscle spasm,
  • reduced flexibility, and
  • pain at the sight of injury or anywhere near the spinal cord.

    If you have any of these symptoms you should consult a medical professional.

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